Red Gable Cleaning System

Our method of application is called SOFTWASH. Unlike power washing it will do no damage to your home.

Our specialist biocide is mixed with water through a highly accurate chemical injection system. This solution is then pumped, via an extendable water fed pole system to a soft brush.

This creates a lather and a soapy wash which gently cleans the substrate. The biocide is formulated to hunt out and puncture the cell walls of the algae and fungi.

The algae will die rapidly and the red staining from inside the cells can be seen “bleeding out” within minutes, proving that the product is working.

Green Algae & Red Algae die quickly but if left untreated Algae attracts Black Fungus. This fungus produces a stain that will take much longer to disappear.

Our Maintenance Programme

One of the questions that we are always asked is How long will my home stay clean? The answer depends on a combination of factors including location, micro-climate and air quality.

Algae is present in the wind and the rain. There is no practical way to stop it landing and growing on your home. The climate in Ireland is ideal for algae to thrive – warm and damp. Our treatment will kill the algae and remove the staining, but over time the inevitable will happen and the algae, along with the staining, will appear again. A bit like removing all the weeds in your garden, it is something that needs done on a regular basis.

This is why we offer our unique Maintenance Programme. For a fixed monthly cost we will return once a year and re-treat your home. This will ensure that the algae never has a chance to take hold again and keeps your home looking its best, forever.

The cost is approximately two-thirds of the initial treatment price, split over 12 months. Our customers find it is the perfect solution to keep their home looking its best all year, every year.

100% Guarantee

Red Gable Cleaning Ltd is the only company in Ireland that offers a comprehensive 100% guarantee that covers the following:

  1. Our specialist biocide will do no damage to your roof, walls, window seals or any other part of your home.
  2. The red and green algae will be killed and the staining gone within 8 weeks.
  3. If, after 8 weeks, the red and green staining is still there we will return and retreat the house for free.


Our biocide can cause mild irritation to eyes and delicate skin. For this reason, we request that all animals are kept inside during the treatment and for a period afterwards.

Cats are particularly at risk as they are curious and will walk through the biocide. If they lick their paws this can cause irritation to their mouths and in severe cases, blistering.

Although distressing at the time, they will recover, unharmed, in a day or so.

Please ensure to keep all animals and home pets away from the property while being treated, for their own health and safety.