Our Story

Red Gable Cleaning Ltd is a husband and wife team. Orla is from West Cork and so naturally does all the sales and marketing and David is from Up North so he does what he is told!

Orla founded the company in Loughrea, Co. Galway. It soon became clear that the way forward was by combining their skills so David joined Orla and the decision was made to offer the service nationwide.

In previous lives, Orla was a Nurse and David was a marine engineer. This combination of skills has led to Red Gable Cleaning becoming the number one specialist in the removal of algae and other biomass from the exterior of buildings in Ireland.

Their approach was one of Brain Over Brawn. From the start it was decided to only use the safest and most effective products (Orla’s nursing background kicking in) and to only use the best equipment available (David’s engineering background kicking in). The result is a service that is not only non-damaging but is efficient and above all highly effective.

Red Gable Cleaning is a respected and trusted company. They turn up on time and do exactly what they said they would. Many customers remark on their professionalism. It could be their sense of humour; it could be that they just never argue (it isn’t) or it could be that they both actually really enjoy doing what it is they do.

Whatever it is, it works.

Council and OPW approved

100% Guarantee

Environmentally Friendly