The process used is called SOFTWASH and involves low pressure application of a specialist biocide by trained and experienced operatives. The low pressure does not harm the walls and is safe to use on any building material. The biocide is environmentally friendly and also does not harm any building material and in fact is used extensively as a wood preservative.

What is the biocide we use?

chemical wall cleaning
Our Product is mainly Diethyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride. 

DDAC belongs to the category of Quaternary Ammoniums or Quats.

  • Quats are positively-charged surface agents (surfactants).
  • Quats bind well to negatively-charged cell membranes.  This accounts for the fast speed of kill and broad spectrum activity associated with quats.
  • Quats attach themselves to an organism’s cell walls.  This causes the cell wall to break down.
  • Once this occurs, the cell is destroyed.
  • This also de-activates the DDAC


envirommental friendly algae cleaniingOur specially formulated solution also contains a fungicide and a degreaser/cleaner to ensure that your property is professionally cleaned Once killed the dead cells etc will be blown away by the wind and rain. This is not an instantaneous process and it can take several days or weeks, depending on the local weather conditions. Over time the building will get cleaner and cleaner and you will notice the walls getting back to their original colour. Our application technicians have been trained to the highest standard in the use of this eco-friendly biocide SOFTWASH system. SOFTWASH Solutions Biocide is safe for the applicator, the occupier and domestic animals. It leaves no environmentally damaging footprint. It will not cause any physical alteration of the surface to which it is applied