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Red Gable Cleaning removes the red green and black staining caused by algae. These stains are most commonly seen on the gable ends of houses. We also treat the moss, lichens and fungus that live on your home. We also treat paving, decking, tarmac and all other exterior surfaces.

What makes these micro-organisms so difficult to eliminate is that they require minimal amounts of moisture, light & mineral salts to grow and have an extremely strong root system..


What causes the staining on my walls?

chemical wall cleaning

The red and green colours are from a microscopic plant called microalgae (Trentepohlia). It is carried in the wind and will grow anywhere there is shelter, moisture and nutrients. The tiny cracks and crevices on exterior surfaces are ideal. Once established, the algae will flourish and it is only then that the colour becomes noticeable.

The black staining is from a fungus. The black is melanin and will take longer to disappear. Once killed, the staining has to oxidise before it becomes water soluble and is washed away. This is a natural process that can take several months.


prevent brick erosion

Some damage caused by these living organisms include

► Erosion of brickwork & concrete.
► Damage to stonework and masonry finishes.
► Discolouration of façade,
► They retain and attract moisture storing it within the brickwork which can cause problems such as water penetration.
► Decreased sales value of property