How does our SOFTWASH system work?

Our method of application is called SOFTWASH. The biocide is mixed with water through a highly accurate chemical injection system. This solution is then pumped, via an extendable water fed pole system to a soft brush.
This creates a lather and a soapy wash which gently cleans the substrate for example roof / wall / pathway. The biocide is formulated to hunt out and puncture the cell walls of the algae and fungi.
The algae will die rapidly and the red staining from inside the cells can be seen “bleeding out” within minutes, proving that the product is working.

Green Algae & Red Algae die quickly but if left untreated Algae attracts Black Fungus. This is much more difficult to kill off.
Algae attract Lichens, Fungus and Moss.


How many treatments will be required?

In some cases a second treatment is required and the Black Algae usually requires ‘agitation’ to help it wash off your walls. The weather plays an important role in this.

red algae removal ireland

red algae removal house ireland.jpg

red algae removal home ireland

lichen removal ireland

Lichens can be yellow or white. They live off the substrate on your roof or walls symbiotically with the algae. This can be unsightly and give a dirty appearance. Once the algae has been killed, the lichens will starve and die.

During a dry spell the dead root system will dry out, when it rains again, the lichen will swell up like a sponge. This cycle of drying and swelling causes the dead lichen to peel itself off the wall / roof. We know it has taken years for this to grow so we must be patient and let nature take its course in removing them.

moss removal from stonework ireland

Moss grows on the roof, usually the north-facing aspect. Or it can grow on your driveway and paths usually in a dark area under trees or hidden from the sunlight. If there is a heavy covering of moss this needs to be scraped away before applying the biocide.
Any remaining moss (in between roof tiles or in cracks) will die when the algae is killed. This will turn brown and be blown away in the wind.

Moss absorbs large amounts of water. This expands in freezing weather and can lift or crack slates/tiles.

fungus stonework removal ireland

Fungus is black and this is the most difficult to treat. Fungus lives off sugars produced by algae. With the algae killed the fungus will starve.

The black colour is Melanin which is the fungi’s way of protecting itself from UV Rays. The black stain needs to oxidise (6-8weeks) to become water soluble. It is then washed off by the rain, wind and the weather. It takes longer to completely disappear and may require ‘agitation’. To help speed up the process, our biocide also has an added ingredient to kill the fungus.