The ‘red stuff’ is Trentepohlia, which is a Red Algae. This is a microscopic plant. It is carried on the wind and in the rain. Many people tell us ‘the red stuff on the walls is iron absorbed from the ground’ or ‘the builders used dirty sand’. This is not the case.

No. Our system uses an eco-friendly biocide which kills micro-organisms naturally. Once it has killed the algae it is fully water soluble and biodegradable.

We do NOT recommend power hosing. This will damage every single thing it sprays. It removes layers of slate/tile/plaster/render/paint/etc. Power hosing sprays water at approximately 140 Bar, 2000 PSI but with our SOFTWASH water is applied at 2Bar 30 PSI.

Bleach will remove the colour of the algae and will kill some of it. However, the effects are not long lasting. Added to this is the fact that bleach is corrosive and harmful. Washing powder has been used to remove moss from tarmac. Again, this will have a limited effect and, like bleach, may stain the tarmac.

If a company says or shows the red staining being removed instantly they are using hypochlorite bleach in one form or another. Hypochlorite is extremely corrosive and will damage your property. Our SOFTWASH method uses a gentle biocide. There is no unpleasant smell and it will not harm any building product. It takes longer to work because it does the job properly.

In short, no! Your house is probably your biggest investment and one that should be cared for. We are not the cheapest but we are the best. You wouldn’t take your car to a carwash that used Brillo pads and bleach just because it was cheap! “We never charge more than we quote and we never quote more than a fair price”

Our SOFTWASH system can take several weeks to work fully. It will take even longer to remove lichens. However, the results can last for years. We have properties in very badly affected areas that are still spotless years after treatment. If your property is in a particularly damp and shady location, the algae will return more quickly. We cannot stop the algae from being in the air and the wind, no one can.

Yes. We are recommended by K-Rend. If you power hose your K-rend plaster you will create holes/scores/ where the water hits the soft render. We do no damage. K-Rend plaster will look like new in a matter of weeks.

Yes. Beautiful old Churches, Abbeys and Castles throughout Ireland are particularly susceptible to the growth of Moss and Algae along with Lichens. Many years of a build-up leads to discolouration of the old stone. SOFTWASH is ideal for such cases.

In some cases Insurance companies refuse to quote for commercial buildings with Moss on the roof. Moss behaves like a sponge and absorbs lots of water. When this freezes it expands and can lift or crack slates and tiles. This can cause huge amounts of damage, especially in high winds.

YES! Such was the demand for this environmentally & effective SOFTWASH Solution Biocide we are now happy to say the we treat properties in every county in Ireland. For now you can have a look at our Pros & Cons list for both our system & the outdated system.

Pros & Cons

Outdated Method – Aggressive system

Looks clean
Quick result


Leaves live spores behind
Destroys finish & protective surface
Re-growth encouraged
Retains moisture
Shortens lifespan of surface
Retains dirt & grime
Severe chemical hazard
Harsh chemicals remain present
More expensive – false economy
Dangerous power washing at heights
Unique AlgoClear Pro Cleaning System

Our Softwash Solutions Biocide –
Environmentally Friendly

Kills organic growth
Re-growth inhibited
Protective surface finish unharmed
Less moisture retention
Lifespan of surface improved
Less dirt & grime retained
Appearance stays improved longer
Low environmental footprint
Less expensive – Improved economy
Safer High Access Operating System
Accredited training course available


Slower cleaning time i.e. not all growth and dirt disappear immediately